Friday, February 2, 2018

Winter Musings

Winter cover crop B.R.
 (before rabbits)
Cover crop A.R.
(after rabbits)
As I look at my winter cover crop planting clipped low by rabbit(s), I’m waxing philosophical about gardening and working with nature. It was planted in late September and is well established with the warm fall and winter to date.

While much of the top growth is lost, I know there is substantial root growth that also will provide organic matter for soil improvement. 

It will grow out again early before I turn it under in spring so I’m not too worried about gaining benefits from this winter rye/Austrian winter pea mixed planting. There is the perfect and then what results once the real world has its say.

Speaking of the real world, I heard lots of complaints about poor tomato yield last season. Me too. While we didn’t have any 100 degree weather, there was enough high eighties and ninety degree weather to cause poor pollination and blossom drop. 

My plants finally achieved blossom set in mid-summer and particularly the small-fruited varieties had time to produce a late-summer crop.

It’s good that every year is different and hope springs eternal with gardeners including me. I already have purchased tomato seed to start this season’s transplants come spring.

 Photo Credit: Both photos Carl Wilson 

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