Thursday, June 4, 2009

Prepare for succession planting

Buy your seeds now to prepare for second plantings following harvest of lettuce, spinach, peas, kale and other spring crops. Bolting (seed stock formation) of cool season spring crops is a common sight following the first hot temperatures. See lettuce bolting photo left and spinach bolting photo right below. These plants should be cleared to make room for other vegetables to maximize garden productivity.

Planting of warm season vegetable transplants of tomatoes and peppers and seeds of squash , corn and beans may replace some of these spring crops now that soil temperatures have thoroughly warmed.

Do remember the mid-summer planting opportunity for fall crops of cool season vegetables. Early to mid-July is the time to seed your fall crop of kale, lettuce, peas and other approximately 60 day cool season vegetables. Even though they will be germinating and starting growth under high summer temperatures, they will be maturing in September when temperatures are cooling. Quality can be good as a result. Note that there is also a fall opportunity to plant leafy vegetables desired for early spring crops. See the Colorado State University Extension Garden Notes #719, Vegetable Garden Hints.

Shop for seeds now to have them on hand before seed supplies run out and seed racks disappear until next year.

Lettuce and spinach bolting photos credit, Carl Wilson

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