Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hail recovery hope

To encourage those with gardens struck by hail, this post features pictures from a previous year's hailstorm. While chances of recovery depend on the extent of the damage, plants can surprise. Fruiting vegetables always seem to sustain the worst damage, particularly the big-leafed vegetables like squash and pumpkins. Roots escape underground and regrow. Leafy vegetables generally come back.

These photos of tomatoes and straightneck summer squash are from a July 21 hailstorm. White hailstones are visible in tomato photo. Click on photos to see enlarged view.

The photos below show plants August 17, about a month later. The Yellow Taxi tomato is sparse and shows hail-nicked foliage but did ripen fruit. The summer squash put on an amazing amount of growth and more fruit.

Photo credit: All five photos in post - Carl Wilson

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