Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Last plants left standing

Wow. It was a cold and sustained hard freeze the end of last week. The low in Denver October 9th was 18 degrees F. The high on October 10th was 26 degrees F and low that night 17 degrees F. Both the high and low temperatures for Saturday the 10th were record low readings for that date. The photo right is of kale and lettuce under an inch of snow in my Denver garden that Saturday.

Even with a day and a half of readings below freezing, some hardy vegetables amazingly survive. Lacinato kale and onions, Purple Vienna kohlrabi and purple cabbage (photos) are still going strong. So are lettuce, radishes and hardy herbs such as parsley (photo). The root vegetables underground are also fine.

Now is the time to be glad you made those early July plantings of fall crops. You can be enjoying your garden until Thanksgiving.

Photo credit: Kale and lettuce under snow, Lacinato kale and onions, Purple Vienna kohlrabi, Purple winter cabbage, Parsley - Carl Wilson

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