Thursday, October 29, 2009

October snow dump

Did you lose your garden? Mine is somewhere under the 18 inches of white stuff in the photo left. What good moisture for us! In dry Colorado, you never object to moisture however it comes (even if you secretly wish it to be doled out a little more gradually). This snow event will probably end up yielding about 1.5 inches of moisture when it melts this weekend. It’s predicted to be in the 50s F so the white will be a passing thing.

In addition to the moisture, snow is a good insulator. I’m not too worried about my annual ryegrass cover crop (photo right) that is coming up or my kale and other fall crops. They should be fine and the moisture will give them a boost.

Gardening resurgence in New Zealand - Like us, gardeners in the southern hemisphere are getting on board the trend towards more vegetable growing in the worldwide recession. See the news from the “kiwis.”

Photo credit: Snow in garden and Annual ryegrass - Carl Wilson

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