Friday, May 3, 2013

New Classes Added!

Thanks to everyone I saw in my April Veggie Keys and Berries and Grapes classes at the Denver Botanic Gardens. The response was so great we couldn't accommodate everyone and DBG has asked me to repeat both classes in May.

As you can see in the class listing at the right, the added "Keys to Home Vegetable Gardening" class will be on May 18th and the "Berries and Grapes for the Front Range" class on May 21st. I hope many of you who couldn't get into the April classes have a chance to join me in May - simply click on the DBG link to register.

I am also teaching a new "Follow-On Vegetable Gardening" class July 10 to help you turn vacant, mid-summer garden spaces productive for fall and winter. Another new "Water-Wise Landscape Planning" class for these drought times has also been added for July 20. I look forward to meeting you in one of my classes.

Hope your transplants are growing well and were snug indoors this week during the 19 degree F record low we experienced in Denver overnight on May 1st. At those temperatures, it even strains the capabilities of water walls to protect early-planted, warm season vegetables. Water walls are generally fine down to the low twenties F. Will the weather soon turn warm? Chances are with us as we get close to our last average spring frost date, May 5. Can you believe the last freeze in 2012 was April 16? Of course in 2010 it was May 13.

Photo credit: Tomato seedlings - Carl Wilson

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