Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Another reason for water walls and row covers

The water tubes keep tomatoes warm through
 the sudden drop in temperature
It's been challenging gardening in Denver, Colorado this May. Early in the month it was 85 degrees F on May 4. Then we had snow and a 28 degree F low on May 11. Back to a 84 degree F high on May 18. Today, May 20, it was a hailstorm (see photos).

Kale and mesclun are cool season vegetables
 but this is too much. Brrr!
Thank goodness for growing in Wall O' Waters that provide the tomato transplants some hail protection. I expect plants to bounce back quickly, much faster than tomatoes growing in the open that are now sticks.

The greens under row cover fabric had a little protection and will regrow after their "trimming". It is definitely time to replace the fabric though.

Some gardeners go to the trouble to erect a frame with shade cloth fabric as a hail screen. In our variable climate, it can be a good idea.

Photo credit: Tomato in Wall O' Water after hail, Kale and Mesclun mix under row cover fabric post hail - both Carl Wilson

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