Friday, May 9, 2014

Greens weather returns

Winds and unseasonably warm Front Range Colorado weather (85 degrees F on May 4) may have been discouraging to those growing spring greens. If you had them protected and growing under a row cover fabric "dome", you gained several advantages. They were encased in a slightly higher humidity environment, shielded from the worst of the winds and recent heavy raindrops (and in some places hail), and protected from rabbits and other marauders.

Now that we're back to cooler weather (more seasonable 60 to 70 degrees F highs), early planted greens are maturing rapidly. It's time for cut and come again harvesting. Shear 2 inches above the soil line so they will regrow providing another harvest.

Another benefit to growing greens under row covers is that soil doesn't tend to be splashed up on the leaves because rain and irrigation droplets are cushioned and filtered through the spunbonded fabric. Less soil on leaves makes washing them a snap. The tempered row cover environment also enhances quality - so tender!

Meanwhile this upcoming Mother's Day weekend highs in the mid 40's F and lows around freezing with predictions for a rain/snow mix augur poorly for those who have already planted warm season vegetables. If you have tomatoes and peppers snug in water walls, no problem. Cool season vegetables will of course be right at home in this upcoming cold/snowy weather.

Photo credit: Mesclun filling row cover, Cut and come again harvesting of mesclun greens - both Carl Wilson

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